On a Trip to a Temple…
By flight…
A huge plane…
With my family…
Family is allowed thru a strange process of immigration and I am stopped
I was asked to carry a suitcase kept in the lounge.
We all are acting as though under a spell!
I take the bag myself and check in.
I am left alone on the tarmac near the Airplane.
Standing there I could see only a part of the fuselage where the door is there. The rest of the fuselage is covered in some kind of mist
The moment I step on the ladder, the whole ladder gets covered with frost.
I start jumping up through the ladder skipping a step in between.
But I start getting frozen with every step!
A huge man standing at the door turns to go inside after saying in a cold tone “hold only the middle one”. Then he vanished into a thick mist inside.
I noticed that there are three railings on each side and I continued the climb holding the middle one.
On reaching inside, I see many people sitting on a sort of futuristic sitting arrangement along a large circular wall.
The interior is very futuristic as we see in Sci-Fi film by Lucas Films.
Everything is white and freezing.
All faces look blank waiting for something but without any anxiety.
I searched for my family and a Robot like person standing at a closed door informs me in a synthetic voice that they are already in the temple.
The interior is not in the shape of the plane. It looks like a looooong curved corridor!
The door through which I came in is no more seen.
A huge distant rumbling is heard and the whole place vibrated to a slow movement as though taking off from the ground.
It vibrated only for a few seconds and then stopped.
The man at the exit door opened the door and signaled all of us to get out.
All of us walked very patiently in a line like obedient school kids.
In normal mental status I would have shocked to see what I saw outside.
Everything is burning out there.
There is a huge half-done structure on which there is a fully done sort of “Mandap with ornate pillars and a pyramid roof” on which many many people are standing.
The Mandap is standing at least 20 ft above the ground on a weak structure with all kinds of rusted nails and broken wooden planks.
I am amazed how the huge Stone Mandap with thousands of people is standing on such fragile broken structure.
The whole structure is in the center of at least 8 or 9 radial narrow roads with tall walls on both sides.
Many strange looking “humans” are standing on the walls with bow and arrows in their hands.
There are no steps to climb to the Mandap.
We are supposed to climb through those broken wooden pieces laden with rusted nails protruding all around.
I somehow reached for the Mandap and looked for my family.
The whole Mandap is empty and my family is hiding behind two of the 100s of pillars. They seem to be terrified!
They ran to me and we all ran to the spot from where I climbed up.
All three climbed down and started running through one of the many radial roads.
Arrows started flying all around us.
We must have run for hours through the unending winding corridor like streets.
We reached a dead end. But there were no arrows no noises, not heat.
The wall in front of us started disintegrating to reveal a huge beautiful structure right in front of us.
We started running around to look for the door.
The structure had a strange architecture.
It looked like a temple, a church and a mosque from different angles.
But it had a huge central spire in which a huge Bell was hung.
A colorful HUGE bird flew past us and sat on the top of the spire.
We heard a faint musical sound of a bell.
That was my morning Alarm coming from my mobile I used to keep on my bed-side!!