Devi, an Award winning Indian Research Scientist who just returned from Germany, is in quest of finding a preventive cure for Aids with the help of various ancient Ayurveda Manuscripts handed down to her by her Grandfather who was a renowned Ayurveda Practitioner. Seeing the plight her countrymen are facing she settles down in India and dedicates rest of her her life to the services of Aids patients and helps them to lead their balance life in a respectable manner.
Her husband Jerome, a businessman though was reluctant to return to India, finds ‘opportunity’ in the ‘service’ his wife is involved with in India. He also returns to India and opens a charity house “Hope Home” for the Aids patients from all over the world in the pretext of getting their life longer using special treatment based on Ayurveda about which he doesn’t have a clue. Devi’s philosophy is only to make the life better for the patients. Not longer. This creates a little disturbance within the family. Matter gets worse when certain lobby start working against this Hope Home and the Lady. She is forced to distance herself from her husband and concentrate on her prime objective of Service and Research.
A sadist (bordering to eccentricity at times) by nature, Jerome decides to become a carrier of the deadly virus himself and spread the same with a vengeance by all possible ways. Devi is not aware about this until one day one of her patients exposes him. She breaks down and knowing her husband’s nature very well, she has only two options. Either expose him to the world so that it would take care of him or get this activity of her husband stopped once and for all by accelerating the intensity of his infection and take his life faster for which she has methods. She is not sure about the former as she is aware about his contacts and influences. Her intense love for him stops her from resorting to the latter. She has to choose; her husband or the society. She needs to do something before the world knows about the whole thing and goes out of control.
Sounds weird, right? But everything is possible in this bad bad greedy world!

DISCLAIMER : All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.