• The first ever job in my career was in IIM-Ahmedabad as a Research Associate doing international Projects and assisting Professors with their classes. This was during 1980-83 during which I was fortunate to experience various lives including lives in Rural Punjab and Rural Bihar while doing a World Bank Project.
  • I had a short stint at Vikram Sarabhai Science Centre where I designed tools for teaching and learning Mathematics which was during the second half of 1983 and first half of 1984.
  • Next 18 Months, I became adventurous to take up marketing Tata Trucks when Trucks were in short supply but a very tricky market with extremely tricky customers.
  • Then I entered into a Marketing Job in the first ever Government owned Electronics Corporation as Sales Executive selling consumer Electronics products and also designing the roads for installing Traffic Signal Systems. During this time I found lot of time in nurturing my major passions, Storytelling, Painting and Theatre. While days were for the ‘official’ works, nights and weekends were dedicated for my passions. That was the second longest job in my career. I worked for 10 years in the Electronics Corporation during 1985 to 1995.
  • The second half of my stint at the Electronics Corporation made me want for more. I wanted a career that could utilize my passion, talent and at the same time my education as well. I discussed this matter with experts in the area including the senior HR consultants from IIM-Ahmedabad. Nobody could give a clear direction and they thought I am a specimen that doesn’t match the needs of the times.
  • I found out that Multimedia could be a possibility but the age of Personal Computers was yet to set in. So I struggled to understand and studied interactive multimedia using some books I could manage to lay my hands on.
  • I took courage and resigned from the ‘secured’ government job to grab an opportunity to start a Multimedia Studio to produce multimedia content. This was attached with a CD-ROM Manufacturing Plant. During the years from 1995 through 1999, I got hands on experience in creating interactive multimedia products, one of which was well received in India and abroad.
  • Having tired of the interactive multimedia where I was really not able to tell stories, especially to kids, chose to get into the Animation bandwagon.
  • I then moved to the mainstream animation by joining the biggest Animation production company and dived deep in. My passion for Storytelling, Painting, Theatre and Computer experience came in handy to excel in the field. My animation life became very strong during the years 1999 through 2002. I got opportunities to work in many national and international projects for which I travelled abroad in connection with that.
  • After that I was fortunate to get assignments in Animation & Visual Effects for Live Action Feature films in Bollywood and Kollywood and went on to win National and Asian Awards for best Animation and Visual Effects for two movies. This was during 2002-03
  • Since then there was no looking back and I got a lot of recognitions in the Indian Animation & VFX Industry.
  • I joined India’s pioneering Animation Studio in the year 2003. I was instrumental in giving the 3D technology edge and a holistic creative vision to the company. Currently I am leading a bunch of ever changing passionate and dynamic artists.
  • During these days I have been the Creative Producer and Supervising Director of almost all the national and international Animation and Visual Effects Productions done in the Studio. Most of them are credited and some are not. I was also instrumental in strengthening the value of the company by giving directions in own IP creations.
  • I am proud to say that I am considered as the creative face of the Toonz Media Group to the international entertainment world and also for the national industry.


I believe that the best teacher is travelling and reading books. I have a collection of about 1000 Books of various genres. I am a passionate traveller. I have travelled across the length and breadth of urban and rural India. I always believed in interacting with as many people as possible. I have travelled to many countries both officially and personally. While I have already covered almost all states in India, my foreign travels have been to North America, Canada, Europe, UAE, SE Asia, Africa, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, etc.. Still I think many miles to go and many people to meet and many things to learn…

I have also represented and branded respective companies, where I was employed, at major International Entertainment Events like Annecy Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, SIGGRAPH USA & SIGGRAPH ASIA.


I also believes that, apart from travel and reading, one important thing that shaped my personality are my associations with great people I came across all through my life. I consider myself very lucky to have got the opportunities to have associated with many stalwarts in my fields of both profession and passion. I whole-heartedly thank them all for making me what I am today.