Creative Consultant for Friends in India


The Animation & VFX Film making, being a heavily subjective industry, is a niche area where creative and technological experience play a major role to make the ideas and execution as much trouble-free as possible. Hari Varma is equipped with more than two decades of hands-on experience working on many International and Indian projects with various Studios and in collaboration with international studios. He has the much required techno-creative expertise and has strong experience in setting up Studios of different scales. This level of expertise and experience help him to ‘see’ the Studio, the People in it and Projects executed there inside out so that the entities with which he works gets the benefit of all these to build, maintain and succeed in their activities.


Following are the areas wherein Hari Varma can be engaged to utilise his proven experience and expertise in the areas of Animation & VFX Film making involving various international and Indian TV Series as well as Feature Films. Beneficiaries could be any one or more of the entities like INVESTORS – STUDIOS – PRODUCERS – DIRECTORS – INDUSTRY ASPIRANTS.


  • Setting up Micro, Small, Medium and Large Size Animation/VFX Studios.
  • Setting up Development Unit for Film, TV Series & Ads.
  • Setting up Organization for Animated Feature Film Pre-production, Production & Post-production.
  • Setting up Organization for Animated TV Series Pre-production, Production & Post-production.
  • Identifying and connecting with the right directors abroad.
  • Act as a medium for effective techno-creative communication between Producers/Directors/Clients abroad and the Indian Studio.


  • Analysing Concepts for Development.
  • Setting up a team for Concept Development.
  • Systems and processes specifically for Concept Development.
  • Preparation of an effective Pitch Bible and Presentation materials for TV Series/Feature Films.


  • Play the role of Supervising Director for various Projects to ensure that the Show Directors stick to the essential rules which helps the Shows to be something the studio or the Director would be proud of.
  • Ensure that there is a style set for each show and then guide the Director to make that work Technically and Creatively.
  • Ensure the effective Creative Communication within the Team.


  • Setting up reviewing system within the studio.
  • Creative Communication between Team-Clients.
  • Creative Communication between Creative Head-Clients.
  • Setting up reviewing system between Studio-Clients.
  • Communication of creative matters between activities (from Script to Screen & Directors to the Team).
  • Analysing and setting right, Process issues in show execution.
  • Help to set quality Benchmark for a Series based on the time and budget.


  • Analysing & Trouble-shooting of creative crises and processes bottlenecks in Projects.
  • Analysing & Trouble-shooting of technical issues in Projects.


  • Script Evaluation for its integrity and story-telling.
  • Script Analysis.
  • Efforts Budgeting & Scheduling of Animated Feature Film.
  • Efforts Budgeting & Scheduling of Animated TV Series.
  • Efforts Budgeting & Scheduling of VFX for Live-Action Features, TV Series or Ads.
  • Facilitating pipeline implementation based on the project’s vision.
  • Project analysis and creative production feasibility report vis-à-vis Budget/Time.
  • VFX planning, Setting up an organization for execution and Studio Supervision for quality production for Feature Films/TV Series.
  • Workshops for key people for achieving the goals based on the goals of the organization.


  • Formulate Courses for Film Making, Animation, VFX and Graphics.
  • Planning and setting up Media Institutions of different sizes.
  • Setting up Organization for running an Academy successfully.
  • Advise on the training methodologies for various kinds of Courses and objectives.
  • Setting up Micro-Production Units attached to the Academy for on-the-job training.


  • Individually focused or Group mentoring of Directors and Producers.