An organization needs to grow. It needs to be vibrant. It needs to be active. It needs to be dynamic.

To achieve this, my Mantra is “AWARD, REWARD, REGARD & DISCARD“. If you don’t do all the four in the right measure, the organization is sure to fall by spirit and by business. Without these, the organization will be a bunch of people without any aim, hope or aspirations. Most dangerous situation that can happen is the ‘dead man walking’ scenario.

Any organization is made up of people and people are like kids. They need to be appreciated, given gifts and also they need to be scolded. If they don’t get straight by scolding, try counselling. Still they don’t become good, move them to rehabilitation. They stay outside of the organization till they become worthy of Awards or Rewards.


Every individual has certain task cut out for him or her. They work hard and they keep working hard. They produce results in every assignment they take up. They take the failure as learning to do things better next time. They keep improving. There is no place for stagnancy and redundancy in an organization. One needs to keep updated and without that, he becomes an antique very soon, especially in today’s world.

Awards are for those people who achieve some tasks in an exemplary fashion. They become very visible simply because of their charisma and the way they carry themselves. They become worthy of awards when they contribute hugely to his or her team and thereby for the organization.

Never ignore these people. These are the people who can be great assets for the organization in the near future and in the long run. Award them with something they have been craving for. Not necessarily by cash. It could be by way of kind or by opportunities that can be felt as a great prize useful for them and for the organization. It could also be by giving them opportunities to re-invent themselves and come back with new ideas.

These are the people who slowly can become loyal to the organization rather than to the individuals with whom he or she works. They will relish this award and this could be the very important cause to win their hearts. After all, loved and lovable personalities can always be highly useful for the society.


There are people in every organization who have stood by the organization through thick and thin. They have understood the soul of the organizations and always wanted to grow with the organization. These are the people who are expected to give hope to the younger crowd and also to mentor them to get aligned with the organization’s Goal.

These are the people who have sacrificed many hours of their personal and family time with only one aim in their life; to build the organization. In fact these are the people who can make or break the organization. Though there is a belief that ‘nobody is indispensable’ in an organization, it is not applicable to this group of people. They are truly indispensable. If they leave or lose interest, the organization needs many man-years to make good of their lost personal man-days they spent for the organization.

Rewards are for these people. These are the people who have spent their whole and soul for you. It is time to reward them and show your gratitude. These rewards could be by way of cash for their savings, or kind that can have the full impact on him, and his or her family. Let his or her spouse and their entire close family realize that he or she is highly valued by the organization which has stolen many of their personal moments. The reward could be a way of rejuvenation away from the work place. You can afford that because he must have already created a second line which can take care during his absence. Flood him or her with schemes that can make them feel that they are cared for. These will go a long way when it comes to the goodwill for the organization.


There will be many genuine hardworking individuals in between the Awardees and Rewardees. They need to be regarded very carefully. They need to be consistently motivated and trained to become Awardees or Rewardees. They need to grow from hard-working to become smart-working.

These are the people who actually keep the organization running and holding the productivity consistent and hence regarding them is a need of the organization. This can be achieved by charting out a proper career map for them and by making sure that they are given proper hand-holding to improve themselves on a daily basis. They should keep feeling that they are learning something every day, whether it is technical, creative, language, personality or anything positive under the sun.


It is very obvious. There is a small percentage of people who act like weeds or parasites that live on others. They suck others for their survival.

These are the people who should be identified very soon and get discarded. These people can otherwise prove to be a huge dampener for the whole organization and its atmosphere. They can even jeopardise the credibility of the company and the people who run it.

Discard them as soon as possible. There is no other option but to do that to save the organization.


Any organization which does not award the young achievers, reward the sustained performers, regard the real movers and discard the spoilers all in the right measures on a periodic basis, has only one way to go. Down, down and down, in every way.